Cookware - Kitchen Knives - Utensils - All From Major Suppliers

  • Cookware Sets

    We stock top quality saucepan sets from several major suppliers including the James Martin range of stainless steel cookware. Pans also sold individually.

  • Bakeware Tins & Trays

    Good solid non stick baking trays, cakes tins, loaf tins, bun trays, all types of bakeware and roasting tins.
  • Kitchen Utensils

    Premium stainless steel, plastic and wooden kitchen utensils. Hanging rails , baskets and blocks for sets of kitchen utensils from the best makers and labels.
  • Kitchen Knives

    Fine quality kitchen knives including a full selection of Sabatier knives and the James Martin Kitchen Knife range. Kitchen knife set, blocks and holders.
  • white oven to tableware

    Oven to Tableware

    Ranges of elegant plates, dishes,bowls and ramekins for serving straight from the oven and good old fashioned pudding basins.
  • cutlery and curlery sets

    Cutlery & Cutlery Sets

    Contemporary and classic styled cutlery with polished and satin sheen finishes from place settings to full cutlery sets.